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Commercial Dry Ice Cleaning & Restoration

Services offered

Dry ice blasting can be useful for many industries and applications, and it has become more popular recently due to being an environmentally friendly and efficient method of cleaning industrial equipment. With no moisture and no clean-up, our dry ice blasting contractors can use dry ice blasting to clean machinery without having to break down and reassemble equipment or wait for everything to dry. This results in reduced downtime for your business. 

Surface Sanitizing - cleaning/ sanitizing of commercial surfaces (ie. food processing, labs, waiting rooms, bathrooms, ambulances, etc)

Facility Maintenance / Industrial Cleaning (factories) -  Dried adhesive, ink, and grease removal from manufacturing equipment -  machinery cleaning, surface preparation for general equipment 

Automotive part restoration

Cleaning conveyors without damaging pneumatic devices, bearings, or electrical equipment 

Printing Presses - the many intricate parts of a modern large-scale printing press can be a nightmare to keep clean. The countless hours spent printing causes these complex pieces to accumulate ink, paper pulp and debris creating printing issues. Alignment problems, blurry and distorted prints and high scrap rates just to name a few.

A crucial part of a modern printing press is called a “gripper”. Its main function is, you guessed it, to “grip” the sheet or sheets of paper and pull it through the press. This process happens very quickly with many repetitions per minute. If the gripper is dirty the press is going to slow down resulting in decreased productivity and poor-quality prints. In other words, it will cost the printing company time and money.

The best way to keep the grippers (and other parts clean) is to use Dry Ice Blasting.

Medical Device (Plants & Molds) Manufacturing -  C02 Blasting is ideal for the medical device manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. It’s ideal because dry ice cleaning produces no waste, is non-toxic and can clean delicate and intricate devices – instantly.  Medical device manufacturers and the Pharmaceutical industries are well-familiar with micro-molding of precision (high-tolerance) parts and their associated issues. For these companies clean manufacturing equipment is paramount. 

Mold & Tool cleaning -  Cleaning micro-cavities in production molds and the small, deep, complex geometry of micro tools is a critical concern when manufacturing very high tolerance medical device parts. Cleaning the clamping devices (used during the fabrication process) and removing parting line flash (deflashing) or material burrs (deburring) from final products are equally significant manufacturing issues. Our dry ice blast cleaning has been shown to cut cleaning time by up to 75% in the precision and micro mold industries, as well as significantly reducing replacement tooling costs and product scrap rates while increasing quality output. Unlike micro-sandblasting (a common technique used for removing buildup from clamps holding parts in place during manufacture) dry ice blast cleaning does not damage or destroy the clamps – eliminating high tooling replacement costs.

Dry ice blast cleaning also requires no secondary waste cleanup from grit media or solvent use. Dry ice blasting systems generally eliminate the need to disassemble tooling during cleaning. All of these savings contribute to not only reduced cleaning costs, but also decreased overall downtime and reduced product scrap rates.

Plastics Manufacturing Equipment -  

Dry ice blasting removes the waxy residues and paraffin build-up that can lead to blemishes (orange peel effect) on the bottles while the molds are hot and on-line.

The manufacturing of a polyurethane foam product used in sound dampening for autos and vans leaves the manufacturer with molds coated with an isocyanate/wax mold release. Mold release build-up eventually causes “knock out” problems, and, in extreme cases, the wax release agent becomes encased in the polyurethane foam product, making the product unusable. Dry Ice blasting eliminates this.

With dry ice blasting, a mold can be cleaned in only 15 minutes and the cavities are more thoroughly cleaned with results in 15 multiple increase in cleaning vs. traditional cleaning methods. Production up time is increased dramatically.

Dry ice blasting can clean entire blow and injection mold cavities completely and effectively. Many leading blow molding bottle manufacturers have discovered that dry ice blasting systems cut their daily mold cleaning time by about 80% simply by cleaning molds hot and in place. Today, even the back 1/3 of the blow-mold surface and the entire deep-cavity injection molds used to make test-tube shaped slugs are cleaned by dry ice blasting whereas it used to have to be cleaned by hand.

Packaging Facility & Equipment Cleaning -  Dry Ice Blast cleaning is ideal for the packaging industry. It is critical for this industry to keep up on cleanliness for performance, functionality, and efficiency. A superior clean by InvisiBlast can remove what the eye can and cannot see and keep packaging facilities running at peak performance.

Dry Ice Blasting can be used to clean the rollers, belts, machines and equipment in a packaging facility. 

Aerospace Equipment Cleaning - Dry Ice Blast cleaning is ideal for the Airline and Aerospace industries. It is critical for these industries to keep up on cleanliness for performance, functionality and safety. A superior clean by InvisiBlast can remove what the eye can and cannot see. In the Aerospace and Airline industries, Dry Ice Blasting offers cleaning of landing gear, wheel wells, electric components, tires and switches, as well as engine and adhesive/sealant cleaning.

Commercial Kitchens/Food Services

The food industry is held to a very high standard with regard to the cleanliness of their food processing areas. They are charged with removing grease, food, soot, and other contaminants from production equipment in order to avoid bacteria growth and to guarantee safe, high quality products. 

Traditional cleaning involves the use of harsh chemicals. Ultimately this can impact the taste, cooking, processing, and overall quality of the food that is produced. It is not very effective, it is time consuming, and can be costly. The quicker method of cleaning is the use of dry ice blasting which is quick, cost effective, environmentally friendly, and FDA, USDA, and EPA approved. 

Dry ice blasting is a very efficient method of cleaning all contaminated surfaces. The process uses pelletized pieces of dry ice (or frozen CO2) and uses high pressure air to accelerate the pellets on the surface being cleaned. When it impacts the surface, the dry ice freezes the contaminants, which ultimately eliminates their adhesive qualities, removes the pollutants, and leaves no secondary waste to clean up.

The main benefit is that there is no need to fully disassemble the equipment. In fact, the surfaces can be cleaned while still hot and/or still running which makes it more efficient. In addition, the process does not involve the use of water (which can promote bacteria growth such as mold and E. coli as well as Salmonella). 

For the food industry, the process may be used on:  ovens, mixers, conveyor belts, bottle fillers & labelers, meat slicers, deep fryers, walls & floors, prep tables, bake off trays, coffee roasters, bottle fillers and labelers, packaging areas & equipment,  food and beverage production machines, etc.

Industrial Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting is very effective at cleaning industrial and production equipment. Unlike other types of media blasting, Dry Ice Blasting generates no additional waste or secondary contamination. Upon contact with the surface to be cleaned, the dry ice pellets transform directly from a solid to a gas (no liquid phase) in a process known as sublimation, leaving no residue behind. This also makes it ideal for situations where moisture is not an option. It is nonabrasive, non-conductive, and nonflammable. Dry Ice Blasting is especially effective at reaching hard to reach places reducing the need for disassembly of the equipment. 

Dry Ice Blasting is clearly the superior alternative to sand blasting, shot blasting, soda blasting, water blasting & hand cleaning. It substantially reduces downtime, the high costs of secondary waste disposal, and costly wear and tear on equipment. 

It is truly the best choice in maintaining industrial facilities. With regular cleaning, the process can help  maximize tooling life, minimize downtime, reduce cleaning labor costs, and helps meet environmental safety standards.

Dry Ice Blasting can clean nearly any piece of equipment without taking anything apart or introducing water or chemicals. The process is a fast and effective method for removing even the toughest dirt, grease, sludge, and other sediment from commercial and industrial equipment. It is also an effective solution for preparing a surface to be painted.

Industrial equipment cleaning of:  Presses, CNC machines, Extruders, Lathes, Printing equipment, etc.

Also electrical equipment:  Electrical control panels, Transformers, relays, cable trays, Semi-conductors, Insulators, Generators, Circuit Boards, Turbins, Motors, Robotic equipment, etc.